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Formerly parasitic on the anemic Institute for Lexical Ecology in Agua Prieta, New Lex., the now huge strangler fig (Ficus aurea) of the Institute of Lexical Ecology (ILE) has been transplanted to the eminently more fertile landscape of the Institute of Sociophysiology (ISOCPHYS) in Owlstain, Flouz., where, having left but a rotten, hollow stump of a research program in its wake, it flourishes independently, stretches forth its strong branches, and bares to the sunlight its broad, trifoliolate foliage in the form of our Lexical Ecology of Sociophysiology (LESP), the essential jumping-off point for what, in all its mosaical glory, we do here!

In a word, lexical ecology! In addition to which our pursuits consume the diverse disciplinaceae of lexical economics, parsimonious lexicization, wordism, paperism, senimality, translexicality, translexicology, translexicism, translexification, and translexicization, etc. [...] ILE’s journal of intent, Translexicalia (TLex), maps the pavonian rain forest threatening to overthrow the hitherto staid intellectual climate of the Tetrastic region’s most cosmopolitan metropolis whence troops of international crack-shot scholars flock seasonally to share the sweet, juicy, crimson and all but bursting-at-the-seams fruit of their immense toil. Figs.

Past, present and future participants in this veritable “situation of n-une dialexicalia situated within the contextual site of heterolexical subjectivity of promiscuous situationist textuality” (Schlame 1998), include Swopes, Johnson, Udidi; Coltrane and Slekton, Coltrane and Trembart; Trembart and Keel, Trembart and Schlame; Schlame and Coltrane; Devi, Coltrane and Schlame; Schlame, Raymond, Kidjaki and Keel; and Galvari and Ravigiallo in all possible permutations, contorsions, combinations, additions, subtractions and logothymic pleurosis ,add to "keywords">.

And more figs! Figs figs figs! In addition, Owlstain’s noteworthy weekly, the Owlstain SCAT whose editor and publisher (EP) is none other than our ORL Skid Slekton book-ended by a charming dyad of ICOCM, managing editor (ME) Mona Coltrane and art director (AD) Adam Trembart, put a toe in the hold here at ILE, and then another, and another, and is now the bustling proxy of news known far and wide that it is, ever nourished by the heady atmosphere of ILE’s fora.

Don’t forget OFF, OAF, and IAOCM!