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CACA : Château Methuen

Born in Tulpuyauor in the Port Astri Bay region of Wyoming, Xavier — more affectionately known to all and sundry as Skid — did a stint at the Port Gaspard Vocational School before matriculating at the Gertrude Wells-Intrussyan Free Academy (GWIFA) in the coast-mountain capitol of Gertrude where, comme la plupart des littérateurs de cette ville-là, plusieurs de ses écritures ont vu la lumière dans that bucolic city’s revue of record anent things literarily philoscoffical, the Glebe. Upon obtaining his bachillerato from the aforesaid institution, Skid’s aforementioned inclinations naturally led him to seek broader, richer, more salient fields to further the flourishing of his innate resources by securing third-class passage in a train or at sea to Owlstain, FZ, where his portfolio assured him a stringer’s salary, a proof-reader’s pittance, a copy editor’s cut at the Owlstain Weekly Sentinel (OWS). When that paper folded, Skid, along with two of his more kissable colleagues from that ill-fated hebdomadaire, Mona Coltrane and Adam Trembart, interfellated its replacement, the SCAT. And so thus when, a lustration or so later, the acquaintance who became his ORLian chum, Johnson Willoughby M. Methuen, was able to enable the instauration of the sociophysiological era by hosting chez lui the inauguration de notre Institut, Skid was there.

He’s been here ever since, juggling his duties with such savoir faire, meting out his passions with such skill that it seems at times he’s a cryptic scorpion (C. slaluhai Stermer, 1898) inscrutably scrambling, scrabbling, scaling and scooting about the full-moon-dappled bark of a rare tree or a log of New Lexican provenance (Dalbergia glomerata Hemsley, por ejemplo): Here he is, for instance, overseeing the SCAT’s print-monkeys putting out this week’s edition from the Vieux Port’s Melos e Artes, and yet there he goes, for example, scurrying off to catch a sloop to the Far Gimmals whence he’ll ferry back his conjoint journalistic sketches with (ever the punctilious professional) Mona Coltrane, his reportage de guerre supplemented by Adam Trembart’s tintones, via carrier pigeon and mail skiff. And all the while he’s indulging his penchant for what Proust so admirably summarized, thus: “L’habitude de penser empêche parfois d’éprouver le réel, immunise contre lui, le fait paraître de la pensée encore.” That is, the work he does here at ISCOPHYS, largely in CACA parce qu’ “il n’y a pas une idée qui ne porte en elle sa réfutation possible, un mot le mot contraire” (ibid.), c’est-à-dire, the reality of fiction and the fiction of reality.

Skid’s Lectuers : Lepastic Delicacies [Review of Oda Elton’s Ishtar’s Hand]

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