The Institute of Sociophysiology

Our Resident Lectuers

In the tradition of Aby Warburg’s Kreuzlingen sonata, Our Resident Lectuers reside in-house on the very untrespassable premises of the Institute’s grand own grounds of château Methuen, there embarked upon a rambunctious round of reading, roaming, and intellectual vituperation of all flavors of flaming export (extreme import). The trenchant laminosity achieved thereat is none too rarely, so to speak, non pareil, involving polymedialated forms and genres ranging from hijackoff journality (diurnal and nocturnal!) to high-brow jihadicious (deliciously judicious!) high jinks on the jerkstage as well as murky hirple page of it of it of it; from apical wordality to carminic fejoha — transparency, too! Lacan don’t got nuffin on these dudes! Nacal neither! (Nor Canal.) Fetale it like not what is it, but what shall be it! Promiscuous textuality (heterolexical subjectivity), plagiary by intercourse (both antecendantally and post ipso facto), and the biune dialexicalia inherent to schizomythia being chief among Our Resident Lectuers’s manifold modes of logicidal lectouring!
Johnson Willoughby M. Methuen
Xavier “Skid” Slekton
D. I. Swopes