A collective of authors, clinicians, and amatuers all companionably aggregating after the crash of assorted collateral affiliates (the Comité d’Action Contre Autorité in Auteuil, the Community of Anti-Capitalist Agitators of Chanabra, and the Conservative Anarchist Confederacy of Coastal Appalachia in Coalpit, Upper Engush, as well as the Convivial Anarcho-Communalists of Anyakyusyaland in Anyerirn, the Creative Artists Conference Assn. in Agua Prieta, NL, and the Contradictory Coalition of Apathetic and Committed Authors of Cañada Verde, Tex., among almost countless alternatives), as well as the coming together again of survivors of the Port Gaspard cyclone of 1986 that put paid to Schizomythology [First Series], the Center for the Analysis and Clitalysis of Altarity (Centre d’Analyse et Clitalyse d’Altarité, ou CACA) in Owlstain, FZ, critically affirms the confrontation of academia and the culture at large while avocationally confirming the activities of autodidactic creation at an autonomous cloister à l’abri bien dans le château fort même du Château Methuen itself within the august confines of the anchoring campus of ISOCPHYS, the Institute of Sociophysiology where, on the bucolic coast of the Arathu Sea, coincés entre le fleuve D’Laumes et la rivière d’Owlstain on the other, we analytically clitalyze authorial scats of all classes, clitically analyze the agsadic yazdehanity of cryptic reality, and altarianally divastigate the heterolexical subjectivity of the complicated situation of n-une dialexicalia.

Additionally, our authors, agitators, creative types, and whatnot, all clamoring aggressively to appease their curious ardors and craven appetites by articulately confirming in a complex and appealing cacophony of corroborating ascriptions and autochthonous confutations and auxiliary causeries in the form of candid apologiæ, cavalier apotheoses, apostrophic canticles, and canonical addenda calqued and cammed and calligraphed and composed under the catholic auspices of autonomous circumscriptions of annual, quarterly, monthly, or even hebdomadarian circulation, including but not limited to, the Clitalytical-Analytical Review (CAR), la Revue Analytique de la Clitalyse (RAC), l’Anarchie Tétrastique (AT), Schizomythologica Testrasticii Divastigarum (STD, or TDS: Tetrastic Divastigations in Schizomythology), the Yazdehan Socialist Review of Anarchism, Altarity, Literature, Nature, Reality, Ideas, and Existential Goetica (YSRAALNRIEG), and the Texian Review of Elevenses (TRE), created a chimerically ambagious chaos until, vers la fin de l’an 1996, D. I. Swopes, fresh from her yazdehan initiation at the instaurational INTEC chez Nobe Arinami in Lutèce, cut short her senimalistic exile in that city, and returned to Owlstain to reorganize tutta, tutte, tutto e tutti along more accurate and less cumbersome, more cultivated and less ambivalent, more affectionable and less contentious and all so adorably all-embracing hendecalexahedral principles, resulting in JYazS, our Journal of Yazdehan Studies, of which she remains a most charmingly affable redashter to this day.