The Institute of Sociophysiology

ISOCPHYS-Certified Owlstain Community Members

Though a relative late-comer to Owlstain’s deep and rich heritage of intellectual investigation and higher educational achievement, ISOCPHYS is not for that reason any sort of slouch. Nor does ISOCPHYS’s backbone of private funding prevent any resident — permanent, transient, or indigent — of the Tetrastics from fully participating in any of our public colloquia, conferences, lecture series, seminars, master classes and literary, artistic, scientific, philosophical and musical happenings. The rigorous nature of a thorough grounding in sociophysiology, however, necessitates a commitment which not everyone can manage. Which is perhaps why, to date, the not inconsiderable number of individuals who have managed to commit themselves to becoming long-term members of the Owlstain community in order to obtain full certification in ISOCPHYS totals no more than a perfect yazdehanian.
Mona Coltrane
Sagarch Flawndol
Gloria Galvari
Lyra Keel
Djuma Kidjaki
Rick Kidjaki
Emily McLaughlin
Manolo Rastrero
Maryam Ravigiallo
Adam Trembart
Ouida Willoughby Johnson