The Institute of Sociophysiology
Adam Trembart

ISOCPHYS-Certified Owlstain Community Member

Owlstain : Château Methuen, Melos e Artes

Actor, author, and art director (AD) and co-founder (with Mona Coltrane [ME] and Skid Slekton [EP]) of the Owlstain SCAT, AT, who hails, by the way, from the Far Gimmals, is probably most renowned as the consort of she who is perhaps ISOCPHYS’s most beloved (to the public at large, that is) practitioner, Tara Trembart. His work, thus, consists more of the tintone and zoopraxiscopic than the textual variety, which in no way, Kāma be praised, impedes the promiscuous ardor he imparts to it, although it does render the categories we behove to classify ditto a bit moot, to say the least!