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Sagarch Flawndol

ISOCPHYS-Certified Owlstain Community Member

Owlstain, Château Methuen | Gertrude, GWIFA

A most promising sociophysiologist, schizomythologist, and all-around ICOCM, Sagarch Flawndol (b. 1974, Port Gaspard, Wyo.) hails from Gertrude en WY where, from fall 1983 until spring 1992, he attended the Gertrude Wells-Intrussyan Free Academy (GWIFA), rounding out his career there with a revival, in cahoots with two of that institution’s more recidivist inmates, Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian) and M. S. Strickland, of the journal Schizomythology [New Series] (1989–1991) and, solo, an “Honors Thesis in the Sociophysiology of Empathetic Fabulation” which earned him entry into ISOCPHYS upon that latter institution’s instauration in the summer of 1992. In addition to pursuing various of his interests at ISOCPHYS, CACA, and ILE, SF is engaged in an ongoing Tetrastics Chronicle in Prose and Poetry (TCPP, put out by the Owlstain SCAT) which some privy to the shy scholar’s trust deem a veritable roman fleuve aspiring to the grandeur and intensity of a Hans Henny Jahnn, por ejemplo.
Sketches of the rain : A sociophysiology of premier amour

Sagarch Flawndol | Journal of Sociophysiology 00109 | September 1992 | full text : html.

ABC thenceward on

Sagarch Flawndol | Journal of Yazdehan Studies | Nº 1 : 1996 | full text : html.

Fukari rostrality

Sagarch Flawndol and Ouida Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 00905 | May 2001.

The shape and scope of ludict

Sagarch Flawndol and Ouida Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 00911 | November 2001.

Poetry, paranoia, schizomythia : Preamble to a sociophysiological exploration of tribinary patterns of world and system

Sagarch Flawndol | Journal of Sociophysiology 01002 | February 2003 | full text : html.

Original drawing of a diagram showing contrasting situations of cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc of human, avian, portalid, and gastropod hosts in Hamiltonia and Babylonia

Ouida Willoughby Johnson and Sagarch Flawndol | Journal of Sociophysiology 01703 | March 2010 | full text : html.

Crazed Gaul Bearing Blossoms Nixes Tixpu Tribad in Gertrude after Uncloseting Bliss of Bi-Sex Spouse

Sagarch Flawndol | TCPP | Owlstain SCAT | 29 September 1993 | full text : html

The Compass of that Sea

Sagarch Flawndol | Honors Thesis in Sociophysiology of Empathetic Fabulation | The Gertrude Wells-Intrussyan Free Academy | Submitted January 6, 1992 | full text : html