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Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian)

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Iagip : Black Yurt | Owlstain : ILE, CACA

Dysgonic native of Iagip, Wyo., where he was born February 13, 1971, graduate (1991) of the Gertrude Wells-Intrussyan Free Academy, Gertrude, WY, where, in collaboration with co-editors M. S. Strickland and Sagarch Flawndol, and advised by Mirva V. Bolaño-Kid, he started up Schizomythology [New Series] (1989–1991). In the spring of 1992, Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian) joined his father Tony Hamiltonian (OFF) at 11 Prospero Place Road, Owlstain, FZ — HQ, in other words of, you guessed it folks! ISOCPHYS — and immediately set upon the paperisms and wordisms earlier sketched out in Schizomythology [New Series] (1989–1991), culminating, that fall, in ISOCPHYS’s first inaugurual Cryptotextual Thesis of Certification (infra), ludict immediately conferring status as ICOCM.
The compass of that sea : A cryptotextual thesis of certification

Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian) | Journal of Sociophysiology 00111 | November 1992 | abstract : html | full text : html.

Grammaticalization of schizomythia and taboo in Mountain Fukari root class: Confirmation of a functional proximal–distal quantal continuum of ligativity in affixival clitics of womaninity and pronominal control

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 01108 | August 2003 | abstract : html | full text : html.

A Finnegans Wake for the common man : Appreciating Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian)’s absolute book entwining schizomythia and taboo in be(com)ing ludict.

K. Devi, D. I. Swopes, A. Raymond, C. Kidjaki, O. Willoughby Johnson, and H. Flamingo | Journal of Sociophysiology 00903 | March 2002 | abstract : html | full text : html.

Review of Ms. Strickland’s Compass

K. Devi | Owlstain SCAT | 19 December 2001 | full text : html.

The Compass of That Sea. Towards a Schizomythology of Ritual, Volume One.

M. S. Strickland | Owlstain and Paris : Editions MSS | 2001.