The Institute of Sociophysiology

ISOCPHYS-Associated Owlstain Community Member

Though a relative late-comer to Owlstain’s deep and rich heritage of intellectual divastigation and higher educational achievement, ISOCPHYS is not for that reason any sort of slouch. Nor does ISOCPHYS’s backbone of private funding prevent any resident — permanent, transient, or indigent — of the Tetrastics and beyond from fully participating in any of our public colloquia, conferences, lecture series, seminars, master classes and literary, artistic, scientific, philosophical, and musical happenings. The rigorous nature of a thorough grounding in sociophysiology, however, necessitates a commitment which not everyone can be privy to. Which is perhaps why, to date, only one individual has been proved to be committed to an erratic association with ISOCPHYS.
M. S. Strickland