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« Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure
Les jours s’en vont je demeure ». Pont des Arts, Paris.

« Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure / Les jours s’en vont je demeure. » Image par Chester Kidjaki.

Arnaut Raymond

Our Associative Faculty

Owlstain : ILE, CACA | Lutèce : INTEC

Francilien de souche, homme tétrastique par prédilection, AR s’est fait entrer dans les rangs d’OAF en tant que l’astuce qu’il avait démontré à travers son étude sociophysiologique sur les rites postulaires qui ont eu lieu à l’école où il a enseigné après y avoir fait son bac, la très prestigieuse Tiliar Boarding School (TBS) d’Agua Prieta [see Raymond 1983]. Subsequent novel lexical ecological approaches [Raymond and Kidjaki 1994] to the textual promiscuity rampant throughout the Tetrastic region — montane, littoral, campestrian, alluvial, and so on — involving, surtout, fruitful collaboratiocinations with Owlstain native and fellow OAF Chester Kidjaki, have ramified into a lobular series of sweeping translexical refutations of prior scholars’ typically humdrum dawdlings anent the polymorphous topic [Raymond and Kidjaki 1995, 1996], culminating in a grammaire complète de la langue même [Raymond 2002].

As if this garland of ideorhesaleotia under the auspices of ILE were not already sufficient lepastic laurels to hang an ample fedora of paperist produce on [cf. infra], AR, often in the company of CK, has (have) broached the premisses of CACA therein to perform the altarian clitalyses of such game initiands as, e.g., Mona Coltrane, Gloria Galvari, Maryam Ravigiallo, and Ouida Willoughby Johnson, thereby avouching said floramoritas’ sociophysiological proclivities within the gambit of certification as arrogated by ICOCM. Likewise, has AR, abetted, as is his wont, on so many occasions by CK, effected in various capacities the admission into ISOCPHYS and inclusion by same in various capacities of Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian), Skid Slekton, M. S. Strickland, D. I. Swopes, and others it is supposed in various capacities as put out locus in quo nudum pactum in pari delicto [Devi et al. 2002; Johnson 2005; Strickland 2009; Kidjaki and Raymond 2010; usw.].

« Que le mystère clôt comme une porte la maison ». Tunis.

« Que le mystère clôt comme une porte la maison. » Image par Chester Kidjaki.

In addition, AR’s extracurricular knack for showing himself a handy histrion on Glamporium’s Playground of Taboo (PT) [e.g. Lath 2003] corroborates in vivo his and CK’s interactionist stance (Standpunkt) vis à vis the interface between the Sociophysiology of Ritual (SPR) and the Schizomythology of Ritual (SMR) as well as further bolstering the already more than hearty bulwarks of our Sociophysiological Paradigm of Schizomythic Mythology (SPSM), a précis of which would not be remiss here, as follows.

As follows from SPSM, the distinguishing feature of SPR is taboo (T), while that of SMR is schizomythia (SM). The interface of SPR and SMR is thus the intersection of SPR and SMR, that is, both T and SM. The minimal dyad combining elements both schizomythic and sociophysiological, {SM, T}, therefore, has been shown to be substantially instantiated by and intrinsically embodied in, for instance, the pure interiority of the “epileptic modernism” epitomized by the vascular sinemota and visceral ludict of Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian)’s “absolute book,” The Compass of That Sea [Devi et al. 2002]. On the other hand, by compelling, with the prod or promise of ritual (R), our minimal dyad to strut the boards of its own agon of inwit, as it were, the ritualized triadic instar {SM, T, R} results, spawning such monstrous bucolic acts of conid bodywork, parsimonious conjunctivism, and urdostoist portraits of womaninity as Ouida Willoughby Johnson puts out in her “ovular body of words,” Divastigations, a rhapsodic confabulation of “cunning stunts” charting the “tragiplayful stagings of [that holy houri’s] inability to mark with [her] will this blank world” in which, it should not go unnoticed, that “incomparable explorer of the somatosensorium” [Swopes 2010] posits an expedient, a veritable Manicarnic Paradigm of Schizomythology (MPS), of interest to any promiscuous textworker intending to trespass el barrio reservado de los lupanares [Kidjaki and Raymond 2010]. Furthermore, deft application of the forceps of mythia (M) so as to facilitate a lexical ecological shaking out of the sympathetic limbs of our minimal dyad brings about the unspooling of the mythical triadic instar {SM, T, M} divulging the sutraic structures of retio e natsa, the almost echolalic antiphony of melos e artes, displayed by, par exemple, the timorous melismatic movements of Goldbarg’s Variants in the which the erautist duet of Mona Coltrane and Skid Slekton declaims the extemporaneous equilibrium trochilically entangled within the sarprostium of their contrary natures, the rim pot stop word, to borrow a phrase, of their loose ideas anent whatever it is they’re experiencing “at any [given] mongrel, or crown of tint, [during or with or by which] an orifice (mauve sacrament) powers some studio or injunction” [Devi and Schlame 1993]. It stands to reason, thus, that bringing both M and R to bear on our minimal dyad yields the whole song and dance of the quintessential tetrad {SM, T, R, M} such that the unwholy convulsive solipsism buttressing even the most wanton of sociophysiological spasms (for taboo’s cleft is the body’s chasm or cloister or something, is timorous, and, ultimately, tame) at the pornographic core of the burlesque textuality necessary for even the most parsimonious articulation of the translexical bacchanale that is the agonic ritual by all means of which myth finds expression in the textual promiscuity of the heterolexical extravaganza which schizomythia ineluctably turns out to be upon clitalysis of and by and between Gloria Galvari and Maryam Ravigiallo on the PT of Glamporium there seems to be a verb missing, at least.

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