The Institute of Sociophysiology
Chester Kidjaki

Our Associative Faculty

Owlstain : ILE, CACA | Lutèce : INTEC

Primarily affiliated with ILE, Chester Kidjaki collaborates with Arnaut Raymond on the elaboration of THAT THEORY to model and describe the interface between the Sociophysiology of Ritual (SP(R)) and the Schizomythology of Ritual (SM(R)), neither of which, of course, makes absolutely any sense whatsoever — as biology without evolutionary theory — except in the light of the Sociophysiological Paradigm of Schizomythic Mythology (SPSM), first formulated by Our Founding Faculty (OFF), otherwise known as a "sestina of polylexical exiles."

As follows from SPSM, the distinguishing feature of SP(R) is TABOO; that of SM(R), SCHIZOMYTHIA. The interface of SP(R) and SM(R) is thus the intersection of SP(R) and SM(R); that is, both TABOO and SCHIZOMYTHIA. Examples include the minimal dyad SCHIZOMYTHIA TABOO characterized by The Compass of that Sea; the ritualized triadic instar SCHIZOMYTHIA TABOO RITUAL characterized by Divastigations and in which a Manicarnic Paradigm of Schizmythology (MPS) is elaborated; the mythical triadic instar SCHIZOMYTHIA TABOO MYTHIA characterized by Glamporium; and the quintessential tetrad SCHIZOMYTHIA TABOO RITUAL MYTHIA characterized by THAT THEORY.