The Journal of the Institute for Lexical Ecology (ILE)

Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines

Translexicalia welcomes submissions on all topics relating to wordism, paperism, senimality, translexicality, translexicology, translexicism, and translexification, regardless of field(s) of specialization of the potential contributor.

Please submit via e-mail, with "TLex submission" in the Subject header, to any of the following addresses:
ISOCPHYS, the Institute of Sociophysiology, home of Translexicalia's home, ILE, the Institute for Lexical Ecology.
Ms. Strickland, webmaîtresse of ISOCPHYS.
Editions MSS, the mother of us all.

Submissions to Translexicalia may take any form; potential contributors, however, are urged to review the content of Translexicalia in order to judge the appropriateness of submission. Notes should be stringently avoided unless absolutely necessary, in which case they should be clearly indicated with numerals in the text, and listed numerically, clearly marked as "Notes," at the end of the text. Likewise with references. Publication in Translexicalia is subject to the whims of the editors and guarantees absolutely no remuneration of any sort whatsoever.

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