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Gennifleur Schlame

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In addition to her contributions with Kiko Devi and Renata de Queiros pertaining to Be(com)ing theories of Tagma (Vratsyata) epic, as well as her participation in Petra Smerstamp’s pet project, Hetairotopia, in Mastersheen, Gennifleur also redistemperates a variety of ever-evolving ludicts with members of the Lutèce-based Editions du Mouvement pour la Sociophysiologie et la Schizomythologie (Editions MSS), an ensemble of sociophysiologists and schizomythologists collectively groping toward a laboratory for the clitalysis of promiscuous textuality. Tracing her extraction from outside the Tetrastic region and adept at both the anal- and clitalysis of altarity, Gennifleur freely mollifies our vast Arathu’s beseeching shores by extending her complimentary affairs from the heterolexical subjectivity carried on at CACA to the senimalistic playground of taboo during the International Meeting of Schizomythologists and Sociophysiologists ( at Glamporium.
Be(com)ing : The resonance of character

K. Devi and G. Schlame

Translexicalia II (1993)

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Steen’s Harem

Marten Hesse

Masse-Herten (1997)

First published serially in Herma T. Nesse’s The Meaner Side


K. Devi, R. de Queiros, and G. Schlame

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