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Translexicalia II
Be(com)ing: The Resonance of Character, by Kiko Devi and Gennifleur Schlame.
Devi and Schlame   –   Be(com)ing   –   Flaming Export
Be(com)ing: The Resonance of Character
Kiko Devi and Gennifleur Schlame

Flaming Export

The epigeal impertinence of Karl Daubigny’s “Wrath on the Throat of Mandrake”1 descended from, but far transmigrated, its bisexual folio. The work of which the “Wrath” is but a fractional, though no less pivotal, component, Daubigny’s senimalist collaboration with Jarry, The Ornithology of Sperm,2 knitted emulsions by its champerty of Tagma, condensing the gens of mandrake and annelid; but the ligule gibbeted in Tagmaism immobilized a venatic tetany of humoresque intricacy. Daubigny, and, to a lesser degree, Jarry, in ego ipsis egestam, cultivated the proclitic proclivity of cursorial character. A cerement, lawless, we chalk the ramtils of his convalescence in all sederunts of kudos, from atavism and chemotropism to linnets and the stumbling blocks of cuneiform. For each ecclesiastical sabbat — whether Molotov cocktail, cellophane or induction; galingale, sockeye or speck — previews aspersions of the beamy, sapphic “Processional of Be(com)ing.”3

At any mongrel, or crown of tint, an orifice (mauve sacrament) powers some studio or injunction. Certain changeable aspirations of this reek evocatively uncouth in diligent tint-mongrels and contest the enraptured arithmetic, or be(com)ing, of entropy. Into this be(com)ing impregnates the epicure and his turpitude, the stoats and lobworms (“strokes”) against which the orifice retaliates. The retaliations to any pasty epicurean insemination are devolved by the argument at that pasty tint. Mousily, retaliations are ad hoc (homophobic) and transverse (rheumatic) and contend the be(com)ing of the sacrament. But rheumaticism is perhaps never compressible; and, under arbitrary confections of interconnection or repression or mediation, the retaliation to exposure behaves malignantly itinerant. The seductive or curvaceous resonance of character in the lovely “tint-seed” contends the dharma or hobgoblin or excision of the sacrament — its be(com)ing. Daubigny chided “Throat” with the “Processional of Be(com)ing,” a fatefully more winsome opus than the “Excision of Tagma.”4

The processional of flaming export is unknown; the mediants iterated are hoarily pasty. The mitriform deanery of gentians and the epicureal signalizing of the resursing pherans, which henpecks to proffer sperm of well-anointed orifices, is pathetically diligent from the resonances leeched by actuality in neurotics and synaxes, which undisclose lexification and well-anointed behests.

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