The Journal of the Institute for Lexical Ecology (ILE)

Translexicalia III

In Gennifleur Schlame's The Promiscuous Text, PUSSY (plural ubiquitous synchronic sepalian yonicity), be(com)ing [Devi, K. and G. Schlame (1995) Translexicalia VI] the divastigation [Johnson, O.W. TLex ref.] of all pluralities, is shown to liberate from the exhausted, flaccid paradigm of the androcanon, PENIS (plotted epiphanic novel inspirational style), by demonstrating that i) plot is merely the prosthesis of pornothesis; ii) epiphany, the ejacula of pornition; iii) novelty, the phallutility of pornnui; iv) inspiration, the crotchetization of pornocopeia; and v) style, the incoprolation of pornopraxis. An altarian clitalysis is proposed in which the thick uterine word without facet or face - nameless, androgynous, lawless, promiscuous - schizomythically translexifies reality into writhing potential, actuality into the infectiously seething tangent between zero and infinity, wonder and fear. In the process, the complimentary illusions of history and self are analytically translexicized to oblivion.

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