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Autoportrait No. 11, ink wash on cotton, by Ouida Willoughby Johnson

Autoportrait No. 11
Ink wash on cotton, by Ouida Willoughby Johnson.

Ouida Willoughby Johnson

ISOCPHYS-Certified Owlstain Community Member

CACA : Box 1323

One of the most eager and limber of all ICOCM, Ouida Willoughby Johnson has an amazing ability for patulous multi-tasking, spreading herself with equal amounts of facility and convivacity among the plural worlds of sociophysiology at ISOCPHYS, promiscuous schizomythology at CACA, and senimalistic translexicality at ILE, to name what few of her diverse interests and pursuits can readily be categorized, for much of what this acrobatic pantamorist does is simply hors concours!

From spring 1997 till winter 1998, Ouida undertook a series of intense sociophysiological triangulations involving her principal at Tiliar Boarding School (TBS) in Tixpu, Agua Prieta, New Lex., Dr. Avílano Bimkov, as well as Profs. Bernard Vighdan in Owlstain, Flouz., and Tony Hamiltonian in Iagip, Wyo., both OFF. In addition, the Arathu-plying sloop of her uncles Djuma and Rick Kidjaki should not be written off as having admirably served an ideal logur for the sweet sessions of translexicalia, heterolexical subjectivity, and promiscuous textuality so necessary for any apprentice’s profound imbibition of our sociophysiological outils cuminating in her spicy Thesis of Certification (TheoCert) for ICOCM, « Divastigations ».

Said œuvre maîtresse (Bildungswerk) of promiscuous textuality had its origins much earlier, however, when Ouida — imaginal avatar of the Tagma X-da matriline of Agua Prieta — matriculated bottom form at TBS, and put out the first instar of her multilingual journal of the arts and whatnot, Divastigations, in spring 1996. Biannual instars followed regularly through the sixth, after which Ouida, sociophysiologically primed, no doubt, by the intense triangulations already mentioned, opted to forego her final top-form residence at TBS, and work magic with her RITM, Ritually Incantatory Transe Musique, as well as her handy histrionics signifying what? — onstage, off, back, and beyond! — pan-, trans-, cis-, peri-, and para-Tetrastically, never abandoning her talents, however, for the headier, less visceral arts of ludict and translexicalia which she performs so seemingly effortlessly it seems here in Owlstain.

Since be(com)ing ICOCM, Ouida has been coming her own (see above) towards a lissome ORL textuality, i.e., boning up on her nymphotexts as well as expanding, elaborating, and developing in collaboration with a plurality of sociophysiologists, schizomythologists, translexicists, translexicologists, yazdehanists, and whatnot on Glamporium’s Playground of Taboo in order to refine her various Works in Prog. into a spine-tinglingly patulous instaurational sepalia of wordism, along with further taking in of OFF texts in hopes of be(com)ing ultimately OAF (see below) whilst concomitantly renovating the abandoned stable she is reported recently to have purchased d’une ferme en WY.

An account of antlion larval silk production among Mountain Fukari of Iagip

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 01607 | July 2009 | abstract : html | full text : html.

A cryptic rapist’s companion. Critical account of Novalis’s posthumous Ab Art fangt das Tor unzählig: Kryptisch Stoßtman’s Kompagnonsbuch (Frankfurt, 1802). Put out in Flouzianian by A. Inhart as L’Art d’avoir popotin sans fin: Un furtif cours d’amour flou (Owlstain, Urdostoist Publishing Assn., 2008).

O. Willoughby Johnson | Owlstain SCAT | 26 March 2008 | full text : html.

My wild god’s womb: Confrontational bifurcation of Intrussyan usurpation.

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 01205 | May 2005 | abstract : html | full text : html.

Grammaticalization of schizomythia and taboo in Mountain Fukari root class: Confirmation of a functional proximal–distal quantal continuum of ligativity in affixival clitics of womaninity and pronominal control

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 01108 | August 2003 | abstract : html | full text : html.

A Finnegans Wake for the common man: Appreciating Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian)’s absolute book entwining schizomythia and taboo in be(com)ing ludict.

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Atta’s Gift and Ishtar’s Hand : Comparison of cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc, a polar cnidosporidian protoctist, of human, avian, portalid, and gastropod hosts in Hamiltonia and Babylonia

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 00901 | January 2002.

Do not ask, How am I to act? but, What should I not do? : Towards a manicarnic paradigm of schizomythology

O. Willoughby Johnson | Journal of Sociophysiology 00907 | July 2001.

A habituation as old as mankind : Towards a sociophysiology of multi-orgasmal symbiotic biocultural associations

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Divastigations. Towards a Schizomythology of Ritual, Volume Two.

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Ada Romer, 1984–2010.

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A star has fallen

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Towards a schizomythology of ritual. An ichnology of antipathy, with bibliography and citations.

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Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus. A socio-physiological play in four fairly short acts. Lost in London c. 1926.

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What I’m working on now

M. S. Strickland | Divastigations 6 | Fall 1998 | full text : pdf.

Divastigations. An occasional small multilingual journal of arts, writing, philosophy, natural history, and sundry cultural stuff

O. Willoughby Johnson, editor and publisher | Tixpu : Tiliar Boarding School | Spring 1996–Autumn 1998 | Nos 1–6.

Coblas 10–11 of Ionis Astra, by Patrolius

O. W. Johnson, trans. | Translexicalia XI | Année 11º (2002) | full text : html.

Coblas 7–9 of Ionis Astra, by Patrolius

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Coblas 4–6 of Ionis Astra, by Patrolius

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Coblas 1–3 of Ionis Astra, by Patrolius

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